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Downloads / Utilities / SK Player 1.1
Filename: SK Player 1.1
Size: 869 kB
Uploaded: 2005-08-06
Rating: Unrated (0 votes)
Downloads: 4244

Download SK Player 1.1

SK Player 1.1 Description

SKPlayer is a demo utility for Half-Life. It lets you browse and watch client recorded (or HLTV recored) demos with ease. With a GUI you will be able to see the information about the demo before playing it, such as an image of the map and player names. SKPlayer also offers customization to suit your needs with command line options, has special features such as a mini file browser, teamsay stripper, playback speed changer and support of the viewdemo GUI playback interface. It also works as a tool in creation of movies. Where it outputs BMP versions of the demo which you later can use in another program to create movies.

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